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Project Samanea​

SDE 2 V2 is envisioned as an integrated workshop and research facility between different faculties in the School of Design and Built Environment. To achieve this synergy, Project Samanea is designed with high mixed-use spaces from entrances and lobbies. “Framing of Destination” or visual connectivity within the facility is coherent no matter where one arrives from.


In a larger context, the materials and wayfinding found in the design are tailored to complement the existing greenery and foot traffic. Having the Kent Ridge Green Belt ending at the site, the open courtyard allows the lush greenery to pour inside the workshop spaces which blurs the boundaries of interior and exterior.

Having timber as the primary material for this studio required much understanding on its advantages and weaknesses. The constraints of its application here in Tropical Singapore would be mainly the moisture. However due to the limited area of land, a post and beam structure was in applied to achieve a relatively small and regular structural footprint to attain multi use spaces.

 Another aspect for this system is that it is stackable to a certain height which bodes well with the current building typologies in Singapore.

With such close proximity of spaces and fire regulations, buffer layers in a form of concrete screeds are embedded in the structural walls.

Passive cooling such as external sun shading devices and the application of green roofs provides a new dimension if greening of space with the urban environment

Designer- Fawwaz Bin Azhar

Supervisor- Associate Professor Shinya Okuda

Animation- Fawwaz Bin Azhar

Project Samanea

Project Samanea

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