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Metamorphosis City 

THESIS Masterplan

The inventions that were brought forth from the past Industrial Revolutions have shaped society to what it is today. From the automation of production creating industrial communities back in 1750 to the invention of cars, shaping our urban typology towards its advantages like the city of Brasilia. Singapore being the hub of the shipping trade route between Europe and Asia has created a society rich in commerce and diversity. The success of Singapore’s multi-racial society has been linked to great understanding and tolerances between ethnic groups and social class. Such awareness is promoted through communal interaction and the physical typology of public urban spaces where they allow integration of different demographics within the community.

Such communities are developed with a network of amenities such as educational institutions, business hubs and healthcare services linked by layers of way-finding and transportation systems.


The robustness of the public transport network and the accessibility to amenities brands certain communities more affluent than others in different districts. The need of proximity to places of work and education has a connection with commuting time and travel distances.

 The correlation of mobility and accessibility to information and amenities all points down to the result of a more informed and educated community. The notion of participation within a society is crucial for one to escape the concept of social exclusion. (Paez, Mercado, Farber, Moreney, Roorda. 2009) As the zeitgeist of the 4th industrial revolution is entering the century, communities will be once again be affected by the change of pace and methods in movement, interaction and sharing of information.

The disruption of current jobs and way of life will create a social divide between those who are able to adapt and those who can’t within the community. Therefore, with the ability to access the world wide web at hyper speeds, Certain need for physical connectivity will now be replaced to a certain extent with the rise of teleconferencing and Phygital enabled by the 5G network. The low latency connection and artificial intelligence will also introduce a new form of autonomous mobility through the Intelligent Transport Systems. Societies need to take a step back to ensure that ethical qualities and human values are preserved as we advance into an era where everything is virtually possible.



Create a self-sustaining community by adopting the future tech trends of Industry 4.0 such as future of work, life-long learning in a compact integrated mobility and information driven neighbourhood typology through the implementation of the Intelligent Transport System. Hence creating new levels of chance encounters to promote interaction amongst different demographics within the community. While situated on a site, mitigating the adverse effects of the rising sea levels.  

Designer- Fawwaz Bin Azhar

Supervisor- Associate Professor Fung John Chye

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