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Project Anchorage


Building on the rich heritage and importance of Port Adelaide, The master plan for Group A was to enrich the waterfront experience through a promenade network along the water’s edge. The 5 proposal will add value to the site by enhancing the proximity of residences to ammenities and also expanding the town centre R&R facilities across the river.

Design Strategy

Project Anchorage will be bridging the local community with tourist flare for a more dynamic society. At the heart of the design, It will also provide as an eco solution to the immediate locality through water cleansing and extending of local parks closer to the water.  Programming and landscape has been tailor made to enhance user expiriences and also to balance out the different needs of the local community and the rest of the public. Depending on the weather different atmospheres can be expirienced through lighting effects and floodable play areas. This holistic approach will drive Port Adelaide to the future while still preserving the rich heritage. 

Designer- Fawwaz Bin Azhar

Supervisor- Dr Margit Bruenner

Animation- Fawwaz Bin Azhar

Project Anchorage

Project Anchorage

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